Process & Product Development Services

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Basic Pharma is the preferred partner for pharmaceutical drug development.
Through its in-house expertise and its extensive international network, Basic Pharma is able to manage all steps of the development process.

Our particular development expertise lies in the field of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical products. Within this scope, Basic Pharma is able to perform all kinds of development projects. These include sterile and non-sterile products, innovative and generic medication, medicinal products and medical devices.
Depending on your requirement, we manage the complete development programme or just a part of it.

We are considered experts in formulation design, optimising production methods, up-scaling from lab to commercial scale, manufacturing process validation, analytical test method development, cleaning validation, stability programmes, clinical study management and development of registration dossiers.

Due to customer focus and our determination to deliver the right quality, Basic Pharma is the preferred partner for your development projects. Our experienced project managers will keep close contact with you on the progress of your project and because of our control focus, we can quickly cope with fluctuating external influences.
This strategy has brought us success in the past and we are commited to execute your development project successfully.

Our team is familiar with commercial activities and collaborates with marketing and sales organisations. With this experience, we are able to bridge the gap between science and market.