Clinical Trial Material

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The production and testing of clinical trial material is central to the entire drug design, development and release process. It's also an area that causes concern for many companies.

The biggest problem with getting all clinical trial material elements in place on time is that schedules will often slip, as earlier parts of the process need to be modified. One of the advantages associated with using Basic Pharma for the preparation of clinical trial material is that we can be in firm control of all stages of the process.

Close monitoring

With comprehensive laboratory facilities in place, we're able to closely monitor progress throughout. Our project managers will put a clear plan in place, including appropriate timelines. Since most plans will inevitably change over time, our process leaders are able to react to such changes.

This level of knowledge and flexibility means that we can ensure that all clinical trial material is in place at the right time. From the study drug to the placebo, we can make sure that everything is available, allowing the clinical trial to proceed on time.

Preventing delays

Within the pharmaceuticals industry, it's known that delays can lead to an increase in costs. Although the provision of appropriate clinical trial material is rarely seen as having a direct contribution to increasing costs, there can be no doubt that delays do have a significant impact in this area. Here at Basic Pharma, we aim to react to changes and to ensure that clinical trial material is made available at the right time in the process.

Meeting clinical trial demands

We're also able to assist with the design and implementation of clinical trials. Since we are used to working on an international level, we are also able to ensure that all clinical trial material is appropriate to meet the requirements of the key regulatory authorities.

Our own role, whether assisting with design and development elements, or with the provision of clinical trial material, is to guarantee that the entire process goes according to plan.