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We understand the importance of drug safety and we're able to offer Pharmacovigilance services to our partners within the pharmaceuticals industry. Our aim is to ensure that complete consideration is given to the potential adverse effects associated with any new drug.

The Pharmacovigilance process

The Pharmacovigilance process starts at an early stage of the design and development cycle. We have a team dedicated to the area of Pharmacovigilance, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of what's involved. That knowledge is vital throughout the development and clinical trials that are necessary in order to bring a new drug to market.

Our experience within commercial settings means that we also know the importance with communicating with regulatory authorities and proving that the Pharmacovigilance process has been carried out in the correct manner. As a client, you will be kept fully informed by one of our professional, dedicated project managers.

Identify potential concerns

With access to a network of clinical professionals and leading experts, we are also able to quickly identify issues relating to previous drugs. This means that our approach to Pharmacovigilance studies allows us to consider all areas of potential concerns. Such a detailed investigation of the possible issues means that our own Pharmacovigilance strategy is designed to be comprehensive.

We take the knowledge gained from the Pharmacovigilance process into the clinical trials, which we are able to design, implement and analyst. Indeed, with a team of experienced analysts, we're quickly able to apply existing knowledge to situations and we can tailor trials to meet the specific needs of any client.

Proven Pharmacovigilance partner

As chosen Pharmacovigilance partner for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, Basic Pharma offer a service that is without equal. We see Pharmacovigilance as being part of a wider process that aims to bring new drugs to market in a cost-effective manner.

We understand that you are looking for a reliable Pharmacovigilance partner. You can rest assured that we are available to meet and to exceed your expectations.