Laboratory Services

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GLP Certified Laboratory Services

Our pharmaceutical research and control laboratory services are certified for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). We have a team of professional specialists working in a range of laboratory disciplines to ensure that we can deliver the services you need.
For example, we offer an extensive range of laboratory services to assist with control and research in chemical and physical analysis for solids, semi-solids and liquids.

Our specialist laboratory offers the following services:

• Routine Pharmaceutical Release Analyses
• Method Development
• Method Validation
• Stability Studies (ongoing studies can be performed utilizing our climate chambers)
• Cleaning Studies
• Testing of (Cyto) Toxic Substances.

Our aim is to provide cutting-edge laboratory services through utilization of the latest technologies by highly qualified and proficient staff. In this way, we offer professional services which ensure that your company can deliver safe and effective products on time.

Analysis methods available in our laboratory

We have recently complemented our array of analysis techniques with the addition of Osmality Measurement by Cryoscopic Depression and Consistency Measurement by Penetrometry. In addition, we provide comprehensive laboratory services ranging from Ash Determination through to Water Determination by Coulometry. Please see below for a detailed A–Z list of our laboratory services.

A-Z list of laboratory services and techniques

• Ash Determination
• Consistency Measurement by Penetrometry
• Density Determination
• Disintegration
• Dissolution
• Fluorescence Detection
• Friability
• FT-IR Spectroscopy
• Gradient and Isocratic
• Hardness
• In Vitro Drug Release Testing
• Melting Point
• Microscopy
• Optical Rotation
• Osmolality Measurement by Cryoscopic Depression
• Refractive Index Detection
• Refractometry
• Rheology
• Solid Oral Dosage Forms Testing
• Thin Layer Chromatography
• Titrometry
• Topical Preparations
• UV and Diode Array Detection
• UV/vis Spectroscopy
• Water Determination by Coulometry