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Comprehensive pharmaceutical CDMO services

From API to certified product, Basic Pharma is here to offer you tailored support at every stage.

A full-service CDMO
for regulated pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing, and commercialization

Basic Pharma can bring your pharmaceuticals from lab scale to the early clinical phase and beyond. Our state-of-the-art facility, with GMP-compliant clean rooms, is well equipped to offer a wide range of analytical testing and regulatory support.

These services are tailored to your specific needs, implementing the relevant quality guidelines at every step along the way.

Whether you need the full package, or just one aspect, our experts are ready to support you!

Basic Pharma offers the following services in a GMP facility

We offer CMO/CDMO/IMP services from finding the optimal formulation to preparing and packaging medication for clinical studies and beyond.

We provide testing services from compound characterization to quality control, developing tailored analytical methods where needed.

Tap into our expertise in regulatory affairs, quality, pharmacovigilance, and clinical research.

We develop and manufacture medicinal products in-house, available for out-licensing.

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Delivery systems

CDMO support for biological product development

Building on our extensive experience in pharma production and regulatory affairs, we are expanding our services to cover the manufacturing of biologicals.

Basic Pharma’s biotech division has a range of partnering opportunities for biotech product development.

Find out how we can tailor our offerings to your specific needs!

Why choose Basic Pharma?

Full service

We have wide-ranging experience in drug development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs. This means we can support your entire process from product development to commercialization.


We are fully compliant with GMP and ISO 13485:2016 certification and our Quality Management Systems (QMS) are regularly updated with the latest standards and customer feedback.


Our employees apply their expertise to help you find the optimal path towards success. They work in a versatile and proactive way, supporting where needed, so you can focus on your other important business goals. Together, we’ll identify the most cost- and time-efficient path towards success.